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Face Fit Testing


As part of our service we offer qualitative test kits, provide qualitative & quantitative face fit testing, and can train individuals to become competent fit testers. A qualified member of our team can provide a solution to suit your company’s Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) needs.

Face fit testing is mandatory for those wearing tight-fitting RPE in the workplace, and must be carried out on initial selection and repeated at regular intervals. Tight-fitting RPE includes disposable, half and full face respirators.

Fit testing is essential to ensure tight-fitting RPE will protect the wearer. These types of respirators rely on a tight seal with the user’s face, but that seal can be compromised by facial hair, other PPE, or respirator misuse and improper fitting. Legislation has been put in place to improve the use of RPE and ensure users receive the protection advertised by the product.

HSE document INDG 479 and the BSiF Fit2Fit Companion guidance documents give information on fit testing and the requirements.

How can we help

Respair® offer specialist face fit testing services, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualified members of our team, accredited to BSiF’s Fit2Fit scheme and with years of experience in conducting fit tests across various industries, are on hand to carry out fit testing for your company for RPE types ranging from disposables to full face respirators. Typically, we are able to test up to 20 individuals per day on a site visit.

Fit testing methods offered by Respair®:

  • Qualitative taste test method (Bitrex™)
  • Quantitative ambient particle counting (APC)

We can also train an individual within your company to become competent in a fit testing method or methods, allowing that individual to conduct fit testing for your company for the initial selection of RPE and ongoing repeat testing. This can be more efficient and cost-effective if RPE is used regularly by employees within your company.

Training is provided on-site and will run for a morning or afternoon. Training includes information on relevant legislation, information on RPE, and the principles of fit testing – all participants will gain hands-on experience in conducting the relevant fit test method, and how to record results and deal with test fails. Individuals who complete the training will receive a certificate confirming their completion.

Fit testing method training:

  • Qualitative taste test method (Bitrex™)
  • Quantitative ambient particle counting (APC)

Face Fit Test Kits

Our qualitative face fit test kit is available for purchase, including everything required to conduct and record qualitative fit tests using a bitter taste test solution. The Respair qualitative face fit testing kit has been developed using the structure given in HSE INDG 479.

Qualitative face fit test kit is suitable for face fit testing of disposable and reusable half mask respirators using the bitter taste test method.

Kit includes:
2 Nebulisers ( 1 x Sensitivity, 1x Fit Test), 2 Bottles of solution ( 1 x Sensitivity, 1 x Fit Test) - **Approx 40-60 tests depending on Persons sensitivity**, 1 x Hood, 1x Collar, 1 x Instruction manual, and 1 x USB stick containing test report form template.

We are here to help, call: +44 (0) 1993 840606 or email: Contact Us