Face Fit Test Kits & Testing Services

Why carry out face fit testing?

Over the years, awareness to Occupational Health has greatly improved. Misuse of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) has been fairly commonplace. From facial hair interfering with the seal on the face to tearing off the bottom strap of the respirator, to burning holes in the filter, allowing the wearer to smoke through it, has been common practice.

Legislation, through the COSHH Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) has been put in place in an attempt to eliminate this abuse and improve awareness even further. This Face Fit Test Kit has been developed using the structure as laid down in HSE 282/28 Document. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggest that Qualitative Face Fit Testing should be conducted on all 'tight fitting' filtering face pieces and half mask respirators.

How we can help

A qualified member of our team can visit the premises of any company using Respair products and carry out the face fit testing to ensure the complete safety of your staff. Typically we are able to test up to 20 people in one day, however we find it far more efficient and preferable to train a member of your team as a fit tester.

How it works

The nebuliser produces a mist measuring approximately 5 microns. If the wearer tastes the substance, the seal has been broken and the wearer must be re-tested. This is a perfectly safe process which could save someone's life.

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