Espair TX Visor


The TX range from Europa Safety Products includes a Powered Air Unit which integrates with a choice of three visors, covering a wide range of welding and grinding applications. All products meet the necessary EN standards and are manufactured from high quality materials. The new range of TX visors are available for various grinding and welding applications. The Welding Hood is equipped with a variable shade automatic lense which complied to EN379.


The lense automatically adjust the light transmission from shade 9 to 13. The Grinding Visor is approved to EN166 Grade B. The combination Welding/Grinding Visor utilises the Grinding Visor inside a flip up Welding Hood for seamless work flow. Seamlessly integrates with TX Powered Air Unit • Heavy duty polycarbonate materials • Three designs for various applications • Lightweight design

Download: Espair TX Visor Datasheet