Full Face mask 5150

Full Face mask 5150

The harness has 6 points of attachment to the rigid body of the mask to guarantee a more uniform seal to the user's face. The large size of the face seal guarantees a better fit.

The mask is designed with twin filter connectors for a better balance of the filters weight and granting a wider field of vision. The twin filter design offers greater user comfort. Flaps on the filter connector route the air flow, increasing the efficiency and the duration of the filter.

The visor offers a distortion-free field of vision and it ensures a higher level of user safety. In order to offer a longer product lifespan and greater user safety the visor was subject to anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-acid treatment. Report optical class 1.

Product features

The inner mask valves are completely flat, are in silicone rubber in both versions of the mask and offers greater user comfort.

Six-point head Harness • Distortion-free visor • Silicone inner mask • Filters series for BLS 5150: 400 Series, EN 148-1 Thread Connection


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