The Respair Cupped Range

The ultimate in comfort, being of lightweight construction, this product offers extremely low breathing resistance enabling the wearer total comfort in a busy working environment. The unique outer support shell ensures that the mask will not collapse during use, particularly important in hot and humid conditions. A range of protection factors are available in both valved and non-valved versions.

Manufactured to the highest standards

All products, where applicable, comply to the stringent European Standards and are manufactured to the most exacting standards with wearer comfort being of prime consideration. In all aspects of manufacture the CE and ISO 9001:2008 applies.

The Respair Cupped Mask Range

MaskDescriptionN.P.F. / A.P.F.Uses
P2 & P2V Protects against fine hazardous dust particles and light welding fumes 12 x N.P.F. 10 x A.P.F. (BS4275) Construction, agriculture and iron & steel manufacturing. P2V Valved for easier exhalation.


Activated charcoal protects against odours and organic vapors up to N.P.F., welding fumes, organic vapours and many other hazards. 12 x N.P.F. 10 x A.P.F. (BS4275) Chemical industry, car refinishing. Valved for easier exhalation.
P3V Protects against toxic dust, light radioactive dust bacterias and viruses.  50 x N.P.F. 20 x A.P.F. (BS4275) Pharmaceutical industry, iron & steel manufacturing, construction & nuclear industry. Valved for easier exhalation.